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DEMO FIREWOOD COMPANY is a small, family-owned business with our main location in Demo Town, Colorado. We are a dedicated Firewood Company here in Anytown USA.

Our daily focus is on one thing, getting you dry seasoned Firewood for your Wood Burning Stove, Fireplace, Commercial Business or a Summer Campfire.

When you call our company your order will be handled in a timely fashion and with the personal attention you deserve.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality premium firewood for their home heating and camping needs while at the same time respecting and giving back to the environment.

We feature several varieties of hardwoods and softwoods, each with its own unique characteristic and use from providing home heating needs to campfire wood, to smoking and BBQ woods for cooking and grilling.

These varieties can be purchased in any Quantity – an armful, to a ¼ cord, ½ cord, full cord, or multi cord orders – to be picked up or delivered.

All of our firewood is seasoned, split, cut between sixteen to eighteen inches in length and is ready to burn upon delivery or pickup. We service customers in Demo Town USA with seasoned premium woods and offer discounts for multi-cord orders, refer-a-friend, pickup orders and repeat customers.

If you’re looking for any kind of firewood please give us a call. Our service area for firewood sales includes Demo Town and Demo County, Colorado.

Call us if you have any questions about firewood or our delivery area. Call 760-709-1351 or you can place your order at this link.

Seasoned Softwoods

Seasoned Hardwoods

Mixed Cords

Campfire Bundles

Firewood Fuel & the Environment:

The heat produced by burning firewood is actually the energy of the sun, the ultimate source of all energy on planet earth. Through the process of photosynthesis, arguably the single most important thing that happens on our planet, trees are able to store solar energy as chemical energy that we can use for heat when the sun abandons us to the cold dark days of winter.

Burning wood is just the quick reversal of this process, liberating the sun’s heat when we need it most. Unlike the burning of fossil fuels like gas or oil, which many believe to be upsetting our climate for the worst, burning firewood releases no more harmful greenhouse gases than would be produced were the wood to simply rot on the forest floor. If we are responsible for the ways we select, cut, and burn our firewood, wood burning can actually be the correct choice for the environment too.

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